Justice Bell Quick Facts

The original Liberty Bell announced the creation of democracy ...

The Women’s Liberty Bell will announce the completion of democracy.

~Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger

Manufactured: Meneely Bell Company, Troy, New York

When: March 31, 1915

Why: To call attention to the cause of women’s suffrage

Material: Bronze

Weight: One ton, or two thousand pounds

Motto: Establish Justice

Travel: Through all 67 counties in Pennsylvania, and to Chicago and Washington, D. C.

First rung: September 25, 1920 in Independence Square, Philadelphia at a celebration of the passage of the 19th Amendment

Owner: Pennsylvania suffragist Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger owned it until 1943 when she deeded it to the Washington Memorial Chapel

Where it is now: Carillon Rotunda at Washington Memorial Chapel in Valley Forge National Historical Park