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Justice Bell Quick Facts

The original Liberty Bell announced the creation of democracy ...

The Women’s Liberty Bell will announce the completion of democracy.

~Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger

Manufactured: Meneely Bell Company, Troy, New York

When: March 31, 1915

Why: To call attention to the cause of women’s suffrage

Material: Bronze

Weight: One ton, or two thousand pounds

Motto: Establish Justice

Travel: Through all 67 counties in Pennsylvania, and to Chicago and Washington, D. C.

First rung: September 25, 1920 in Philadelphia's Independence Square at a celebration of the passage of the 19th Amendment

Owner: Pennsylvania suffragist Katharine Wentworth Ruschenberger owned it until 1943 when she deeded it to the Washington Memorial Chapel


Where it is now: In 2020, as the Justice Bell was being transported from the Washington Memorial Chapel to Independence Square in Philadelphia for an event to honor the 19th Amendment, it fell off the truck and was damaged. 


The Justice Bell was finally returned to the Washington Memorial Chapel in early August 2023. Learn about where the Bell had been for three years from August 2020 until August 2023, and what happened in the accident: Update

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