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Women’s Suffrage Family History Project

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Women’s Suffrage Family History Project
Telling women’s stories. Featuring women’s contributions. Documenting and digitizing families' histories.
The Justice Bell Foundation was founded in 2016 with a mission to reclaim women's history and promote voter participation. To fulfill our mission, we have created the Women’s Suffrage Family History Project to help families discover the stories of their suffragist ancestors.
Our goal is to create a resource with free templates that the public can use to find information about their suffragist ancestors. We are beginning our work with two families, each of whom have suffragists in their families. We will document our process with a short film as well as provide resources that demonstrate how to collect, digitize and preserve documents and photographs.
Our resources and templates include information about how to accomplish the following activities:
  • Organize family photographs and documents.
  • Preserve and digitize photographs and family records.
  • Conduct interviews with family members.
  • Collect oral histories and document them with audio and video recordings.
  • Place the documents with an institution's publicly searchable database.
  • Compile the family history into a book that includes a family tree, maps, photographs, newspaper clippings, biographies and a section that provides historical context.
If you are interested in supporting this community project, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.
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